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Fri, Apr. 22nd, 2005, 11:00 am

them:Uh.."i hate that One black chick because she says shit"
Me:this is where i say" i dont give a shit fool"
them:Uh.."doesnt she look ugly? lets all act like highschool cheerleaders who have sucked so much dick its affecting the way we think and point and laugh at her"
Me: Go ahead. can i suggest something?
Me: Suicide
them:Okay. Blade or dental Floss
Me: either one. can i watch?
them:Ew.Gross *hysterical giggling*" did that THING just say she wants to watch us die?
Me: i did. why?
them:Uh. No reason *snickers*
Me: uh Okay losers. What time are u planning to kill yourself?
them:Uh. Say sunday. Behind the church. Its pay per view
Me: sorry am broke. am not paying to watch some bitch die. ur mother turned out to be a waste of money
them:Am sorry. do u want a refund
Me: thats okay. as long as i watch for free. Deal?